Personal advice to suit you

If you have an existing bank deposit, inheritance or have sold a business or property and want to know what options are available to you for investments, contact Gerard for a no obligation meeting. Depending on your goals and requirements for income there will be a range of solutions available so it’s important you understand and take expert advice about the many options available. 

It is generally accepted that we are all living longer, and you want to be sure you are not taking on undue risks with your capital sum so that your funds will last you during your retirement.

Your objective will be to optimise your investment return within the risk parameters that suit your individual circumstances.  Another important component is to minimise the costs associated with your investment portfolio.

Strong support for a personalised investment solution

Gerard is a member of Consilium NZ Limited ( Consilium works with Financial Advisers and provides both high quality research to support investment decisions, as well as the administrative platform to manage these investments. Consilium is one of only a few New Zealand companies who have been accredited by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, an international accreditation organisation for investment advisers, thereby achieving global best practice standards ( 

Gerard chose to work with Consilium because it aligns closely with his principles and supports high quality investment advice where:

  1. Minimising costs is critical
  2. The focus is only on highly liquid, highly diversified and high-quality investments
  3. Portfolios are actively managed towards academically proven sources of high expected returns
  4. Expensive tactical trading strategies are avoided  

Gerard will assist you to plan and implement a personalised investment solution tailored to suit your individual situation and objectives. 

All fees are outlined and discussed openly.

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